IGCJ meets Cabell's whitelist selection criteria


We are happy to inform our contributors and readers that the IGCJ meets Cabell's whitelist selection criteria.

As quoted from Bissacio (2018) "Cabells provides journal quality analytics and intelligent data to the academic and research communities, enabling informed decision making on the quality and legitimacy of scholarly publications. By providing comprehensive information for evaluating academic journals, and metrics to pinpoint optimal publication outlets, the Journal Whitelist and Journal Blacklist become tools to guide researchers, tenure committees, professors, and doctoral students through the process of publication evaluation, comparison, and selection."

Bisaccio, M. (2018). Cabells’ Journal Whitelist and Blacklist: Intelligent data for informed journal evaluations. Learned Publishing, 31(3) 243-248. https://doi.org/10.1002/leap.1164