The Rational Emotive Behavioral Counseling for Depression Adolescent

  • David Ari Setyawan Institut Agama Islam Negeri Tulungagung, Indonesia


The government's attention is aimed at making education in Indonesia has better quality. The quality is not only focused on the ability in cognitive, but also on the quality of affective and psychomotoric in the form of attitude and behavioral aspects. So the thought arises for the renewal of the curriculum that leads to full day education. So that will have an impact on the development of children and adolescents in the task of its development. Careful preparation is needed to welcome the new curriculum and policy, which requires the counselors to prepare their students to stay alert in the face of scene change at school. Which counselor should minimize the occurrence of problems that arise, such as depression. So the counselor is required to be able to develop professional competence through various approaches and techniques of counseling. In the development certainly can not be separated from the problem that affects the cognitive, cognitive factor  meant is psychological factor. Thus, school counselors or counseling and counseling teachers are essential to learn  and to know the counseling models. one of the counseling models that tackles cognitive issues is the counseling of rational emotive behavior therapy.