Author Guidelines

Writing Requirements Fikri Writing As Below:

  1. The submitted script is an original scientific work that has never been published in other media, either in print or online form.
  2. The text is the result of research or conceptual results (theoretical studies / thought results).
  3. The manuscript is written in Indonesian or in English which meets good and correct writing principles.
  4. Substance is original or free from fabrication, plagiarism falsification, duplication, fragmentation and copyright infringement.
  5. Journal script typed using font type Times New Roman size 12 with 1.15 spaces.
  6. The length of 20-25 page journal papers, including pictures, graphs or tables.
  7. Reference or citation using footnote model using management references (mendeley and zotero) using manual style citation of full note.
  8. The page writing in the footnote is abbreviated (p.).