• Syahrul Kirom Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta
Keywords: Ajaran Ahmadiyah, Ontologi, Whitehead, Beragama


This article seeks to describe and explain the presence of the Doctrine of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia. The existence of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia is still considered getting opposition from  Muslims  in  part  because  some  of  the  teachings  of Ahmadiyah is not in accordance with Islam, including about his Prophet. But also the people of the Ahmadiyya consider it still  recognizes  as  the  religion  of  Islam.  Writing  this  paper uses  descriptive  qualitative  method,  using  an  analytical approach, the theory used to analyze the Ahmadiyah issue is of  the  thought  of  Alfred  North  Whitehead.  Especially  on Ontology  from  Whitehead  thought  in  understanding  the process  of  one's  religion.  Ontology  Whitehead,  who  starts from entities actual, whose presence as an actual first as the process of the emergence of the Ahmadiyya in understanding the  prophet,  Mirzam  Ghulam,  which  would  also  have  an impact on the process kebertuhanannya and own religion and religious experience of adherents of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia. Therefore,  the  Ahmadiyya,  an  Islamic  religion  which  is
continuously preparing dogma and doctrines into a coherent system,  logical,  adequate  and  applicable.  Islamic  religion that  developed  in  real  Ahmadiyah  religious  splinter  flow  in the  process,  something  that  is  "becoming".  Thus,  Muslims must  know,  understand  and  appreciate  the  values  of  the differences  Ahmadiyah  teachings  of  the  Islamic  religion  in general  and  it's  part  of  the  philosophy  of  the  process. Whitehead also said that every  experience  (experience) that man  is  bagiana  of  a  change  and  the  human  process  that  is different  from  the  others,  to  create  a  "novelty",  with  the actual  units.  It  further  confirms  that  the  thought  Whitehead would  like  to  emphasize  the  plurality  or  plurality  of  human reality in finding keberagamaaannya. The author can assert that  the  existence  of  the  Ahmadiyya  in  Indonesia  as  a religious sect that is the religious experience of each of each man  to  "be  'good  and  create  creativity  and  uniqueness transcendentally.