Posting Article Policy

Understand Jurnal Teknologi Pembelajaran's article sharing and posting policies for each stage of the article life cycle.

Prior to submission to Jurnal Teknologi Pembelajaran (JTeP)
Authors may post their article anywhere at any time, including on preprint servers such as This does not count as a prior publication.

Upon submission to Jurnal Teknologi Pembelajaran (JTeP)
Authors may share or post their submitted version of the article (also known as the preprint) in the following ways:
  1. On the author’s personal website or their employer’s website
  2. On institutional or funder websites if required
  3. In the author’s own classroom use
  4. On Scholarly Collaboration Networks (SCNs) that are signatories to the International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers’ Sharing Principles (
The following text should be included on the first page of the submitted article when it first is posted in any of the above outlets: “Jurnal Teknologi Pembelajaran (JTeP) ( for possible publication".

Upon acceptance to Jurnal Teknologi Pembelajaran (JTeP)
If an author previously posted their submitted version of the article in any of the following locations, he or she will need to replace the submitted version with the accepted version of Jurnal Iqra' : Kajian Ilmu Pendidikan. No other changes may be made to the accepted article.
  1. Author’s personal website
  2. Author’s employer’s website
  4. Funder’s repository
Final published article
  1. When the article is published, the posted version should be updated with a full citation to the original of Jurnal Teknologi Pembelajaran (JTeP), including DOI. He or she will need to replace the accepted version with the published article version of  Jurnal Teknologi Pembelajaran (JTeP).
  2. The article will be followed statements on the copyright notice at