Author's Guidelines

Guidelines for the writing of articles at Jurnal Mahkamah : Kajian Ilmu Hukum Dan Hukum Islam can be seen as follows:

Writing is the author's original scientific work and has never been published or is in the process of being published by other media;
The articles must be in accordance with the surrounding style and journal template;

Articles sent can be research articles, conceptual articles of Islamic law; Journal script is typed using font type Times New Roman size 12 with space 1.5 A4 paper size. Size margins: top 2.5 cm, left 2.5 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, right 2.5 cm. The length of a 15-20 page journal script, including images, graphics or tables;

The author must submit an article that reviews the actual themes within the scope of Islamic Law, Islamic Economic Law, shows the sharpness of analysis, the updating of references, and no plagiarism;

Articles can be written in Indonesian, and English;

The molding or collection using the management reference;

The bibliography is written alphabetically;


The article systematics are:

- Title;
- Author's name (without academic degree), affiliation, and e-mail;
- Abstracts are written in two languages, namely Indonesian and English. Maximum abstracts contain 150-200 words;
- Keywords, between 3-7 words;
- Introduction;
- Method;
- Results and Discussion;
- Conclution;

- literature review;
- Conclusions;
- Bibliography;